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Our corporate motto, “worry free guaranteed service” is more than just words. At Brilliant General Maintenance Inc., it is a way of life and the key to three-decades of success. Our loyal and innovative work force has created excitement in the building service industry. Our unique training approach is focused on personal growth for our employees and consistent on-time delivery for our customers.

BGM invests in opportunities favorable for long-term partnerships. We integrate the latest technologies to provide measurable project results through continuous improvement and consistent delivery.

Our actions are guided by strict adherence to our Corporate Social Responsibility (BGM) principles, as we believe this provides for a strong and lasting foundation for our business. We intend to continue improving our environment for many generations to come.

We have expertise to operate and service all properties in our service areas.

Today, as the CEO of both companies, I’m committed to preserving our core principles while we continue to grow.

We look forward to the future with tremendous optimism. We see in that future, BGM continuing to provide a growth environment for our team members and providing praise-worthy service to our customers for decades to come.

Come, join us and share our vision.


Daniel Montes C.E.O.
Brilliant General Maintenance Inc.


In 1983, Brilliant General Maintenance (BGM) was founded in San Jose, California —the heart of Silicon Valley. From the beginning, we chose to take a different path towards growth, focusing on reliability and consistency. The choice we made then has rewarded us with unrivaled growth and customer retention.

Starting a company in a region that would become the center of the creative universe, allowed us to use our own unique creative approach to service our clients. BGM has repeatedly been chosen vendor to several iconic Silicon Valley Corporations. We have benefitted greatly from the dynamism of our Valley.

Brilliant’s ability to maintain a cutting edge approach has been our guarantee. Our clients demand from Brilliant what they demand from themselves—excellence—and we deliver.

BGM’s success resides squarely on the shoulders of our work force. We enjoy, what we believe to be the highest employee retention rate in our industry. We provide all of our employees an opportunity to grow in an atmosphere of competitive wages and benefits, cultural sensitivity and respect.

Safety, sustainability, environmental concerns, and technological advancements go hand in glove with client retention and our client retention rate is unrivaled.

Our exclusive work order system was developed by California Polytechnic University and is adaptable to our clients’ existing computerized maintenance management system.

Brilliant’s “paperless” approach to operations predates industry goals and standards and has served as a model for many of our competitors. Serving as an electronic lens, our clients have immediate, time-stamped, accurate information on their projects.

We cross train our on-site personnel and supervisors. Our training optimizes the effectiveness of our assigned staff in areas beyond the limited scope of their daily routines.

BGM’s contracting licenses and certifications allow us to support our clients in a variety of project management endeavors.

Our family business continues to take the “long view” as we head into the future. We intend to grow with those clients whom we can best serve and who share our core values.

We look forward to meeting you and welcome your inquiries.
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