Sustainability is the Heart of the Brilliant General Maintenance Cleaning System!

All of us here at BGM understand you are able to choose from hundreds of contractors that offer green cleaning programs. As an industry we have made great strides in the development of these programs. We have been able to harness the best of green cleaning and implement our specialized sustainable program which extends far beyond the supplies we use!

Sustainability is the heart of BGM's Cleaning System. Our program is constantly being adjusted to meet the sustainable demands of our customers and the environment. We are constantly implementing the latest in cleaning procedures and technologies developed by our team, our partners, and industry leaders.

Here is how our Sustainable Cleaning Program stands apart from the competition:

  • BGM's Sustainable Cleaning Programs are designed and developed specific to each of our customers;
  • The BGM Sustainable Team is composed of BGM Management, Vendor Supply Representatives, Manufacturers Representatives, and Green Industry Leaders such as Ron Segura of Segura & Associates and David Holly Author of Green Cleaning for Dummies;
  • We form a partnership with our customers' Sustainability Department;
  • We offer assistance in LEED-EB/OM projects;
  • We are first in the industry to implement the latest technologies through our partnerships with our Vendor Supply Representatives.

Our commitment to the sustainability of our environment is proven because we go beyond using green products; we assist in the development of programs that result in the highest level of cleanliness and health for your workplace!

BGM takes our Stewardship responsibilities seriously! Our Sustainable Strategic Plan Which along with our creativity, Sustainable Team, Progressive Training Programs and the constant search for New Technologies sets us apart from all other companies.